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From our core clinical laboratory testing to our most innovative diagnostic solutions and services, Verify Health was created to be a preferred single-source solution with the innovative ability to provide the answers every provider needs to help their patients live healthier lives.

Clinical Testing

Providing fast, accurate data to inform the patient's provider related to improving outcomes to clinical diagnosis and disease.

Clinical laboratory testing is a critical component of every patient’s overall care. Approximately 80% of every diagnosis is the result of the right laboratory tests. Verify Health provides comprehensive and innovative clinical laboratory services for clinical chemistry, hematology, immunology, serology, bacteriology and urinalysis.

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Toxicology Testing

Reliably monitoring chemicals, drugs and toxins to guide individualized treatments and therapies for each patient. Our unique portal offers one touch ordering, results, and tracking.

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Healthcare providers rely on fast, comprehensive toxicology testing to make well-informed decisions for each patient. Verify Health offers both urine drug testing and non-invasive oral fluid testing for drug screening and confirmation to inform pain management, mental health, and addiction treatments. We can effectively analyze over sixty drug and metabolites with rapid turnaround—enhancing provider-patient relationships and helping ensure fully compliant drug-testing programs.

Cancer Genomics Testing

Matching patients to the right targeted therapies, immunotherapies and clinical trials to enhance their cancer care.

Verify Health is at the forefront of modern cancer care. By sequencing the DNA and RNA of cancer cells and comparing the sequences to normal tissue such as blood, genomics testing can identify genetic differences that may cause cancer—giving doctors and patients powerful actionable insights for navigating cancer care.

Verify Health offers an extensive testing platform covering over 94 genes using automated, state-of-the-art systems and equipment. Our comprehensive genomic testing can reveal clinically relevant alterations in DNA to help identify personalized treatment options based on each patient’s genomic profile.

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Pharmacogenetics Testing

Finding the right medications and most effective dosage for each individual patient.

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Every patient has a unique genetic make-up that largely determines how he or she will respond to particular medications. A drug that is effective for one patient may be less effective for another. Likewise, a drug that’s safe for one patient may be risky for the next, even at the same dosage.

With Verify Health’s pharmacogenetic testing, healthcare providers no longer have to use a one-size-fits-all approach to patient medication. Our extensive menu of testing options helps providers optimize patient care by informing specific medication selection and the most effective dosage for each patient. We also work closely with providers to create customized testing options matched to meet specific practice needs.

Allergy Testing Services

Faster, safer testing for symptom causes to determine the proper allergy treatment for patients.

Allergies, respiratory infections, and asthma often present with similar symptoms. Verify Health uses the 3gAllergy™ assay (a third-generation allergen-specific IgE test) to help providers in the diagnosis and early treatment of allergies. Our test delivers fast, reliable results with no patient risk of a severe reaction.

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Pathology Services

State-of-the-art, board-certified subspecialty Anatomic Pathology, including molecular-based tests to aid in the diagnosis and management of disease as it relates to patient treatment decisions.

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Verify Health is committed to delivering the most precise, expert and comprehensive diagnostic information to healthcare providers, creating opportunities for precision medicine and targeted therapies that lead to the best possible patient outcomes. Our pathologists are available to assist healthcare providers in determining the proper testing orders.

We use proven, clinically relevant, advanced technology, so our providers and their patients can be confident in their test results. Data on markers with prognostic and predictive significance are also routinely incorporated into pathology reports, allowing individualized treatment plans for patients. Plus our dedicated specialists are always available for consultation, providing clarity and additional interpretation to providers as needed.